• Experiencing suffering

    When you place so much importance on fame and fortune and these material concerns, your life is full of suffering. You do not see that death is coming closer and closer, and still you are so attached to these things, you do not let go of them. You are still concerned about material concerns, relationships [..], and all of them are just impermanent.

    Then, we experience suffering.

  • Mindfulness’ rope

    If, with mindfulness’ rope,
    The elephant of mind is tethered all around,
    Our fears will come to nothing,
    Every virtue drop into our hands.

  • Attachment and separation

    No matter how attached you are to your friends and family, you are going to part. It does not matter how much you love somebody, and how much they love you back, one day, you will still part. All these material things, fame and fortune, no matter how much you have got, one day you will be separated.

  • Magical appearances

    All things, then, depend on other things,
    And these likewise depend; they are not independent.
    Knowing this we will not be annoyed
    At things that are like magical appearances.

  • The pain of anger

    Those tormented by the pain of anger,

    Never know tranquility of mind-

    Strangers they will be to every pleasure;

    They will neither sleep nor feel secure.


  • Think of one’s teacher
    Jigme Gyalwai Nyugu

    Atisa says:

    Friends, until you attain enlightenment you need a teacher, so follow a supreme spiritual friend.

    Until you realize the natural state, you need to learn, so listen to his instructions.

    All happiness is the teacher’s blessing, so always remember his kindness.

    In one tantra it says:

    Better than meditating on a hundred thousand deities

    For ten million kalpas Is to think of one’s teacher for a single instant.

    From: ‘The Words of my Perfect Teacher’
  • Like the rays of the sun

    Bodhicitta should be like the sun, it should be always emitting light outwards, not expecting to receive light rays. Just like being in a dark cave, do not expect receiving any light! This is how our self-grasping is like, it always wanted to take, receive, receive, receive, expecting from other people, relying on other people. Do not do this when practicing bodhicitta! Bodhicitta is like the rays of the sun, it is always emitting light outwards!

    GN Rinpoche
  • Our responsibility

    Everyone of us has a responsibility. And what is that responsibility? To benefit sentient beings. And when does this responsibility begin? We do it moment by moment, in every moment of our daily life; and what is the method that we use to do this? We place others to be important, or more important than ourselves. This is because since beginningless time until now, we have always put ourselves first, all our actions, all our motivations have been with selfish intent. And what was the result? It just brought us unhappiness, misfortune, suffering – and this has just perpetuated itself.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Material environment

    All these material objects, you can utilize them, use them, but do not be attached to them. The material environment and the people around you, they are not there to create all kinds of afflictions for you. All of these afflictions, all of this unhappiness arise because of your own afflictive emotions. You think about it! Whenever you are not able to let go, there is suffering. And, when you let go, the problem is gone.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Sunlight

    As soon as you go outside, there is sunlight. When, within your mind, within your heart there is no light, then, the sunlight cannot find you. All that sunlight does, is find your body. If you have sunlight within your heart, within your mind, wherever you are there is sunlight. This is important to practice, wherever you are, open that mind of yours, place yourself in the worst position and practice. What is practice? Those things that we are not willing to do, we go and do. Those things that we are not willing to undertake, we undertake. What we are not willing to face, we face! This is what we call practice.

    GN Rinpoche

  • The path of the Bodhisattva

    And then, within our daily lives, we must realize this ‘dream’. All the compassion, all the wisdom, all the pith instructions, we must apply in daily life to oppose our negative habits and transform our afflictions. Satisfy sentient beings! Maintain your pure vows, the right mindfulness and awareness!  And through renunciation and bodhicitta, we attain the state of Buddhahood. This is the path of the Bodhisattva.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Placing others higher than ourselves

    Liberation comes from placing others higher than ourselves, it does not come from requesting for the realisation of Buddhahood. Why does attaining Buddhahood or benefiting others come from placing other higher than ourselves?  Why do we naturally attain Buddhahood? In Mahayana Buddhism they say ‘As long as you have self-grasping you will not attain Buddhahood; your merits are incomplete. Your bodhicitta, your compassion is incomplete. Your merit will not manifest. But if you benefit sentient beings, the merit will manifest!’ And this is a natural law.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Bodhicitta in daily life

    Of course, bodhicitta is very difficult to practice in daily life, but, if you can enable yourself to realize this practice, then it becomes easier and easier.  Then you can be in the smallest little rooms, but your mind will still be very vast. Then, your truth and aspiration will be vast and benefiting other beings, and you will be benefiting, and this will happen very naturally. You will not have to purposely have to think of benefiting them. But in the beginning of our practice, we will have to deliberately give rise to these thoughts to benefit others.

    GN Rinpoche
  • The two levels of our mind

    So, our mind is two levelled: one is the mind of radiance, the other is the mind of trouble. The level where we have a lot of trouble is this level where we are existing in this very selfish attitude. And the radiant portion, this we find and we experience in practicing meditation.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Precious life

    If we learn to release our selfishness then peace comes, more peace and equanimity come into our minds. And when we do this we realize that actually our life is very precious. Life is very rare, very precious. But if we do not cherish it, then all this happiness that we experience is only there temporarily, momentarily, and it passes.

    GN Rinpoche

  • A happy activity

    Practice really should be a very happy activity. And why? We are reducing and eliminating our negative karma and afflictive emotions. If every day you have positive kind thoughts and you have the right mindfulness and awareness, is this not something that one will have a happy mind with?

    GN Rinpoche