• Bodhicitta in daily life

    Of course, bodhicitta is very difficult to practice in daily life, but, if you can enable yourself to realize this practice, then it becomes easier and easier.  Then you can be in the smallest little rooms, but your mind will still be very vast. Then, your truth and aspiration will be vast and benefiting other beings, and you will be benefiting, and this will happen very naturally. You will not have to purposely have to think of benefiting them. But in the beginning of our practice, we will have to deliberately give rise to these thoughts to benefit others.

    GN Rinpoche
  • The two levels of our mind

    So, our mind is two levelled: one is the mind of radiance, the other is the mind of trouble. The level where we have a lot of trouble is this level where we are existing in this very selfish attitude. And the radiant portion, this we find and we experience in practicing meditation.

    GN Rinpoche
  • Precious life

    If we learn to release our selfishness then peace comes, more peace and equanimity come into our minds. And when we do this we realize that actually our life is very precious. Life is very rare, very precious. But if we do not cherish it, then all this happiness that we experience is only there temporarily, momentarily, and it passes.

    GN Rinpoche

  • A happy activity

    Practice really should be a very happy activity. And why? We are reducing and eliminating our negative karma and afflictive emotions. If every day you have positive kind thoughts and you have the right mindfulness and awareness, is this not something that one will have a happy mind with?

    GN Rinpoche