Mind, the usual suspect

This page will be an introduction to mind, its importance in our daily life, affect on our happiness and unhappiness and the benefits for others. Mind is our most important investment. We are often encouraged to invest wisely. This is our most important and longest investment. Wherever we go, our mind is sure to follow.

How we feel, whether we are happy or sad, full of appreciation and cherishing or disappointment, all of our emotions are a result of our state of mind. Yet, how many people are aware of the importance of their mind in their life? We experience this world through our body, speech and mind. Our mind determines what we say and how we act.

If our mind and thoughts are those of kindness, our speech and actions are kind. Similarly, when our mind and thoughts are dominated by negative emotions, then our actions of body and speech are also negative.

This section will address meditation, wakefulness and awareness as tools to helping us better understand ourselves, our mind and a means for meaningful transformation. (The page planning, content and layout is still in its infancy, in other words it is still to come)

Lama Lakshyong