As Buddha taught

“Abandon negativity, practise positivity, transform your own mind.” – Buddha

It is important to transform ourselves first, this is a far more realistic task than trying and expecting the rest of the world to change first. We sincerely hope that the content you find here may be of benefit to you in your daily life.

Start exploring

For those visitors who are familiar with these topics please feel free to engage in any of the material for the online courses that are offered. You are also most welcome to join us in any of our ongoing activities.

For beginners we suggest that you start on the section ‘Mind and Meditation’ and the Buddhist introduction course (Part2) on bodhicitta.

If you are interested in understanding Buddhism then start with the Buddhist introduction course (Part 1 and Part 2). These courses provide a general outline in Tibetan Buddhism and include some contemplations and meditations.

There are some sections, for instance anyone wishing to do the Ngondro course and practises, that will require a password and prior contact with Lama Lakshyong.

Teachings will include a series of teachings or once off teachings.

Buddhist monk teaching a group of lay students
Lama Lakshyong teaching at Jönköping University Library in Sweden

Ultimately the purpose of the Dharma teachings and practises is to realise the enlightened truth and to benefit sentient beings. This is generally a gradual path and requires that one finds and follows the guidance from an authentic realised teacher. It is our hope that the content on this website will be of benefit and a stepping stone in this direction.