Quote by Lama Lakshyong: "Invest, invest wisely. Invest in your future. Invest in positive actions of body, speech and mind."


The website was created to provide intermediary information and content that may be used as a stepping stone, for anyone (beginners or practitioners) who might be interested in meditation or in Buddhism and who are still in search of their special guide. The content and teachings that are provided here are according to my understanding and experience, however are not offered from any profound state of realisation, from the great and vast teachings of great Buddhist masters.

Who am I?

Lama Lakshyong in meditative pose in the forest

This is a very good question of which I am still involved in the process of investigating. My Dharma name is Tupten Lakshyong Gyamtso and the former years of my life were predominantly concerned with pursuing material concerns like status and wealth. In the process of going through midlife crisis in 2006,  I had the incredible fortune of meeting a great, kind and wise teacher HH Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche to whom I am most grateful. From Rinpoche I learned about the importance of our mind, kindness and wisdom, and the related benefits for others and for myself. I now use the methods taught to me in Tibetan Buddhism as a means to practise, improve and transform in this regard. It is an ongoing process.

Why Ah Lama

“Ah Lama”  was chosen as a simple exclamation of homage in the greatest gratitude to our most precious Root Lama who guides us (sentient beings) on the path, who is our inspiration and shining example of living wisdom and boundless kindness.  “Ah” as an expression of and reminder to abide in Rigpa (our primordially pure state of mind).