Lama Lakshyong (la-ma lah-syong) has been appointed by Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche to teach and help students primarily in Europe since 2016.

He first met his root teacher Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche in 2006 and experienced a profound shift in what he believed was important in life.

On learning of the value of benefiting others and the importance of knowing one’s own mind, how the state of one’s mind affects so many aspects of one’s life and others, Lama Lakshyong followed Rinpoche to China where he lived for several years. He has since then gradually been practising precious Buddhist methods in transforming towards greater kindness and wisdom. In 2016, Rinpoche suggested that Lama Lakshyong begin teaching and he now shares what he is learning with those who are interested.

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