Introduction Course – Part 2: Bodhichitta

Bodhicitta, the precious and excellent mind…..

This course provides simple insight into Bodhicitta (Part 2). Bodhicitta is truly a noble aspiration for anyone to embark on and when practised is of incredible benefit to any one person and to the world as a whole.

What is incorporated in Bodhichitta? Boundless kindness, compassion, joy in equanimity to all sentient beings. In practice it includes generosity, forbearance, discipline, diligence, concentration and wisdom. Bodhicitta is the most important practise in Mahayana Buddhism and in the Great Perfection.

The course is currently in progress and materials will be updated accordingly. If you have just arrived, feel free to start from the beginning.

If you feel uncertain about any of the concepts or ways of meditating, please feel free to contact Lama Lakshyong through [email protected]