Introduction Course – Part 1: Renunciation

The purpose of this ‘beginners course’ is to provide an introduction into Buddhist ideology and practice with a hint of Vajrayana flavour. The framework and reference material used for the purpose of this introduction into Buddhism is based on the “the Path of Clearlight”, one of the long list of Dharma books composed by His Holiness Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche.

This course provides simple insight into renunciation (precious human life, impermanence and death, the infallibility of cause and effect, and the defects and suffering of samsara), Bodhicitta and following a spiritual guide to be introduced as a separate introduction course.

Feel free to follow the course in your own time or according to the recommended course guideline.

If you feel uncertain about any of the concepts or ways of meditating, please feel free to contact Lama Lakshyong through [email protected]