You can practice anytime

You can practice anytime, anyplace as long as you want to practice. Enlightenment happens in a moment. So, we are completely upside down. We think and think and because of all this thinking we are in samsara. We think, we think, morning to night, we are thinking random thoughts, we are thinking about afflictive emotions. … Continued

Living in negative emotions

Living in the negative emotions is just like a crazy monkey. She is jumping around all the time. And she is very tired because she is living like this. Because of this, sometimes we feel lost, sometimes we feel fear, sometimes we feel anxiety. And when this is happening, you’ve completely left Rigpa.

Guru Rinpoche / Asura Cave

Many practitioners come to this cave to bring offerings and pay homage, especially to Guru Rinpoche. The three main images enshrined inside the cave are those of Guru Rinpoche in the middle, Yangdak Heruka to his right and Vajrakilaya to his left.  Protruding Tara Inside the Asura cave, located in Pharping, Nepal, a Tara protruding … Continued

Raising prayer flags in Pharping

Prayer flags are flown for different reasons including bringing about auspicious arising causes, the removal of obstacles or illness; protection against harm when traveling etc. If we raise prayer flags, they bless the elements that touch the mantras, for example, the wind. Then, animals and insects who feel this wind are purified of their negative … Continued

Practices restart next week

Mandala and meditation practices will commence again from next week at the same times as before. The current activities: 1) Mandala practicea) Sunday morning mandala practice 07:30 to 9:45 (CEST). (attend for as long as you are able)2) Meditationa) Wednesday meditation at 13:30 (CEST) – English with Mandarin translation and2b) Wednesday meditation at 19:30 (CEST) … Continued

Kalachakra day

Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence Gautama Buddha

Chökhor Duchen (Turning of the Dharma Wheel)

Chökhor Duchen is celebrated on the 4th day of the 6th lunar month (14 July in 2021). It is one of the days considered as very auspicious in the Buddhist calendar and commemorates the day Buddha first taught the Dharma Wheel at Deer Park, Sarnath, India. It was at this first turning of the Dharma … Continued