Treat all thoughts as practice

When practicing, don’t discriminate. Don’t be picky and choosy , face everything, regardless of whether it is alive or not. Treat any thought that arises as the path for spiritual practice, not as an obstacle to practice.

This is not just words we repeat. It must be deeply rooted in one’s mind and practiced sincerely. With respect to those unavoidable difficulties, meditate regularly. There are many people who want to harm us, compete with us, be friendly one moment and betray us the next moment without any reason.

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, we just don’t like certain people. For these people, it is even more important to generate bodhicitta, especially when facing difficulties.

Respect and serve your elders, parents and your guru. Guru Rinpoche once said, “Don’t cause suffering in the hearts of your elders; serve them respectfully.” To help them and to help anyone in need is to follow the path of Bodhisattva. Do not engage in any behaviour that is inconsistent with this attitude.

When we have enough food and clothing, are in good health, have everything we need, and free of worries, don’t be attached to or dependent on these benefits.

Alternatively, when we don’t enjoy these (favorable) conditions and everything seems to be going wrong, use this situation to inspire our courage and regard the difficulties as the path of a Bodhisattva.

Don’t give up in difficult times. Instead, this is the best time for us to practice these two kinds of Bodhicitta and bring all our experiences into the path of practice.

~ Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche