Celebrate every day as a birthday and practice


In the samsaric impermanent existence, it is really not easy that we can all be together. And on this day, which is my birthday, that we can all get together, as one family is because of our past arising causes. And I really believe that we will prolong, we will extend these arising causes until we’ve all attained enlightenment. And every one of you has these very profound arising causes with me. And we may have these arising causes life after life.

And I believe these arising causes we have now are arising from our previous life. And this I really cherish. I really cherish our mutual arising causes. And this merit that we have, and through these mutual arising causes, I really wish that everybody can apply themselves more to studying Buddhism. Buddhism, Contemplating and Practicing Buddhism. And in this very short life of ours, which we only have a few decades of, I really hope, that every one of you may master some form of liberation or enlightenment.

Truly cherish all arising causes as whatever comes together one day will separate. And so in this lifetime that you leave a very profound imprint so that in your next or future lives that you may be in touch with or connected with Buddhism. And to be able to recognize the merits of the three jewels. And to know that you yourself are inherently Buddha.

Every single one of us inherently is a Buddha. And so through listening and studying and practicing Buddhism, we are able to increase our wisdom. And progress to be able to attain enlightenment. In the future we will be able to undertake the Dhamma activities of our Guru, engage ourselves in Dhamma activities, consciously practice Buddhism, and then through our studying, reflection and practice, increase our wisdom and our kindness, and allow the essence of Buddhism to be absorbed into our mind stream.

And through these arising causes that our life may become more and more meaningful and useful, and through this that we may be able to benefit sentient beings and humans. Because we really only have a few decades on this earth, we are not the owners of this earth, we are only guests on this earth. Just as one day we arrived on this earth, one day we will also leave this earth. And as long as we are alive, let us really cherish this human life about.

Cherish your families, cherish your parents, We have these very profound closely connected arising causes with each other on this earth, is really not an easy thing. Mutually support each other and respect each other, have kindness towards each other, and in this way that we can benefit our families, our parents and increase the circle of people that we benefit, this really makes this life of ours meaningful. And so all of this wisdom and kindness that is taught in Buddhism, it’s important that we are able to apply it in our daily lives. And so that life becomes a part of practice, and then life is practice. And so in this way everybody really work well and practice well, and make the most important part of your activities as benefiting sentient beings, propagating the Dharma and assisting your Vajra Guru in his Dharma activities. And whatever your specialities in life are, use those to help your Guru in his Dharma activities. In this way, the Vajra Guru’s activities can be as vast as the ocean, just like a drop of water that enters into the ocean becomes one with the ocean. And through these arising causes, every lifetime when we are floating aimlessly in the waves of samsara, we will have the opportunity to meet with our Vajra Guru. In this ocean of samsara, it is really not easy to attain this precious human life, and even though if we receive this precious human life, if we don’t use it and practice and be conscientious, then even if we have a precious human life, thousands of times it might not be of any true benefit. And so I truly wish that in this lifetime we really practice the Dharma very well, that we benefit sentient beings and that we purify our mind. And in this way, benefit even more sentient beings.

And all of you are my representatives, and so when you go back home or wherever you are, you can benefit more and more sentient beings. Amongst the students of His Holiness Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche, there is not one student that will not attain enlightenment. And through our arising causes of meeting again and again, that within your life you may have the right awareness and right mindfulness, that you may attain the enlightenment of the great perfection and the wisdom thereof, and also in compassion, and that may always improve in this.

And what is the purpose of the Vajra Guru is that always the students may be able to improve, increase in wisdom and compassion, and to purify our past negative karma, and this we can do through repentance. And so we have these very auspicious arising causes through today, being my birthday, and I didn’t realise this myself. They reminded me here in the Tibetan areas and said, let’s go and do a fire offering. However, I just kept on going because I had things to do, then I thought actually everybody has come from such a long way bringing cake.

We really have these very deep profound arising causes. And so let’s then spend the time together, being happy and eating together. In reality, in Tibet we don’t really place much importance on our birthdays. In Tibet we treat every single day as a birthday, as an opportunity to practice. That every day we can practice Buddhism and benefit sentient beings, this is our birthday for every day. Everybody really cherishes these arising causes and in this way I believe that we will have many opportunities to be happy together.

And if we do this, these days will become more and more. And so all of you bodhisattvas, when you return home, repent all of your negative karma. And from now on also avoid these places where there is very negative, common karma. And in this way we won’t accumulate additional negative karma. And in this way we can maintain a very pure environment and a pure state of mind. And in this way we won’t have any negative results.

If there are no negative causes, there won’t be negative results. And in this way we’ll have more opportunities to be together. And I really cherish that there are so many new students that have come. In the future, come and stay here for a long time. This is your home. I am your Guru and I am your home. So I am all waiting for all of you to return home.

And when you come together, we can have some Tibetan tea and Tsampa. And that everybody has come from such a long way to come and see me on this very special day, my birthday. And so through this we have really special arising causes. And I am sure that in the future we will be together.

And then in the future also we will be able to spend our time together in the pure lands. And this is an arising cause. So I really am grateful to everybody. And there are some new students that wish to take refuge. And so let’s all take refuge together. I take refuge in a Guru. I take refuge in a Sangha.

I take refuge in a Guru. I take refuge in a Buddha. I take refuge in a Dhamma. I take refuge in a Sangha. I take refuge in a Guru. I take refuge in a Buddha. I take refuge in a Dhamma. I take refuge in a Sangha.