Swat trip – 8: Taxila and Dharmarajika Stupa

Our final stop is in Taxila. Taxila is a famous location ( UNESCO Site) where many Stupas were erected in the time of King Ashoka. Buddhism was most prolific here between the 3rd Century BC and 5th Century AD. It is along one branch of the Silk Road and had Persian and Greek influence which is evident in the appearances of the respective Buddhist carvings excavated in the the valley.

It is said that King Ashoka first took refuge in Buddhism in the Taxila Valley. 

“Who was Ashoka?

Upset with his violent conquests that killed hundreds of thousands, the Indian king Ashoka embraced Buddhism and treated his subjects humanely.”

(More about King Ashoka see:


https://www.vedantu.com/biography/ashoka-biography )

Just a few kilometers away from me Taxila museum is Dharmarajika Stupa which holds relics of Buddha.

Dharmarajika: The Great Stupa of Taxila. The Dharmarajika stupa was constructed in 2nd century A.D., part of the eight shrines built in 3rd century B.C by Emperor Ashoka. Among the six World Heritage sites in Pakistan. (See: https://www.makeheritagefun.com/dharmarajika-great-stupa-of-taxila/?amp=1 )

We then returned back to Islamabad.