Swat trip – 7: Churchill Picket

As our short yet auspicious and wonderful journey ended with a final stop at Kambardan (dan means lake) on route back to Islamabad. It is said there was a lake here on which there were many lotus’s, however, this lake dried up 40-60 years ago. Now it is built up and known as Kambardan. Is it possible that this is the lotus pond in which Padmasabhava was born? There are currently several places, 2 possibilities being Danakosha or Danakakor, now being suggested as the birthplace of Padmasambhava, however, there is no archaeological proof at this stage. 

As we leave the Swat Valley we make a final stop at Churchill  Picket Fort where there is/was a giant stupa. We weren’t allowed a visit to the actual fort so we stopped at the banks of the emerald green Swat River below the fort to pay our respects at this auspicious Padmasambhava holy site.

The Stupa briefly mentioned as below:


“We had been away from our valley for almost three months and as we drove back past Churchill’s Picket, past the ancient ruins on the hill and the giant Buddhist stupa, we saw the wide Swat River …..”