Report: Teaching in Bruges, Belgium 2023

Last Wednesday, March 22nd, Lama Lakshyong gave a teaching in Bruges, Belgium, inside the Holy Magdalena church. The location was generously provided by YOT who manage the building. They also organize various other activities related to religion and spirituality. Their coordinator for “new rituals”, Eline Van Steenkiste, gave a short introduction about the location and how they are using it today to host teachings, art exhibits and more.

Our topic for this evening was “Consciousness and Light”. We talked about loving kindness, awareness and the mind. We did a few short meditation sessions together and made a light offering at an art installation inside the church dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

We concluded this auspicious evening at the start of Losar with a Q&A session. The people who attended came from all walks of life and were happy to dedicate the merit together.

Pictures generously provided by Dennis Barbion and Svitlana Musina.