Happy Losar 2023

Wishing everyone a happy Losar!!!!

Losar starts on the 21st February.

21st February – 7th March 2023
Losar (Tibetan New Year) falls on 21st February 2023, starting the year of the Water Hare. The first 15 days are celebrated as the fifteen Days of Miracles, it is a very special and auspicious time of the year. It commemorates when Shakyamuni Buddha performed a different miracle each day to inspire faith & devotion in the Buddha Dharma. It culminates on Chotrul Duchen, which falls on 7th March 2023, the fifteenth day of the Tibetan lunar calendar.

During these fifteen days of miracles (21 February – 7 March 2023), all merits—are considered to be multiplied by many times.