• Like the rays of the sun
    Bodhicitta should be like the sun, it should be always emitting light outwards, not expecting to receive light rays. Just like being in a dark cave, do not expect receiving any light! This is how our self-grasping is like, it always wanted to take, receive, receive, receive, expecting from other people, relying on other people. … Continued
  • Kalachakra day
    Be a lamp unto yourself. Work out your liberation with diligence Gautama Buddha
  • Our responsibility
    Everyone of us has a responsibility. And what is that responsibility? To benefit sentient beings. And when does this responsibility begin? We do it moment by moment, in every moment of our daily life; and what is the method that we use to do this? We place others to be important, or more important than … Continued
  • Chökhor Duchen (Turning of the Dharma Wheel)
    Chökhor Duchen is celebrated on the 4th day of the 6th lunar month (14 July in 2021). It is one of the days considered as very auspicious in the Buddhist calendar and commemorates the day Buddha first taught the Dharma Wheel at Deer Park, Sarnath, India. It was at this first turning of the Dharma … Continued
  • Material environment
    All these material objects, you can utilize them, use them, but do not be attached to them. The material environment and the people around you, they are not there to create all kinds of afflictions for you. All of these afflictions, all of this unhappiness arise because of your own afflictive emotions. You think about … Continued
  • Friday 9th July 2021 – Shakyamuni Buddha – New Moon
    Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without Gautama Buddha
  • Sunlight
    As soon as you go outside, there is sunlight. When, within your mind, within your heart there is no light, then, the sunlight cannot find you. All that sunlight does, is find your body. If you have sunlight within your heart, within your mind, wherever you are there is sunlight. This is important to practice, … Continued
  • Video: A little measure of kindness
  • The path of the Bodhisattva
    And then, within our daily lives, we must realize this ‘dream’. All the compassion, all the wisdom, all the pith instructions, we must apply in daily life to oppose our negative habits and transform our afflictions. Satisfy sentient beings! Maintain your pure vows, the right mindfulness and awareness!  And through renunciation and bodhicitta, we attain … Continued
  • Placing others higher than ourselves
    Liberation comes from placing others higher than ourselves, it does not come from requesting for the realisation of Buddhahood. Why does attaining Buddhahood or benefiting others come from placing other higher than ourselves?  Why do we naturally attain Buddhahood? In Mahayana Buddhism they say ‘As long as you have self-grasping you will not attain Buddhahood; … Continued
  • We are what we think
    Amitabha Buddha, meditation, recitation of sutras and taking Eight Mahayana Precepts, Kalachakra day (Full Moon) We are what we think Gautama Buddha
  • Bodhicitta in daily life
    Of course, bodhicitta is very difficult to practice in daily life, but, if you can enable yourself to realize this practice, then it becomes easier and easier.  Then you can be in the smallest little rooms, but your mind will still be very vast. Then, your truth and aspiration will be vast and benefiting other … Continued
  • Last day of Saga Dawa
    For as long as space enduresAnd for as long as living beings remain,Until then may I too abideTo dispel the misery of the world. Shantideva
  • The two levels of our mind
    So, our mind is two levelled: one is the mind of radiance, the other is the mind of trouble. The level where we have a lot of trouble is this level where we are existing in this very selfish attitude. And the radiant portion, this we find and we experience in practicing meditation. GN Rinpoche
  • Precious life
    If we learn to release our selfishness then peace comes, more peace and equanimity come into our minds. And when we do this we realize that actually our life is very precious. Life is very rare, very precious. But if we do not cherish it, then all this happiness that we experience is only there … Continued
  • Happy Saga Dawa (Vesak)
  • Tampei Düchen 2021
    Today is the 7th day of the 4th lunar month. It is commemorated as the auspicious birth day of Shakyamuni Buddha.
  • Portrait of Lama Lakshyong
    Thank you to the artist John for this drawn portrait of Lama Lakshyong that was shared with us recently. 🙏
  • Saga Dawa 2021 (Vesak) – The month of merits
    Saga Dawa is considered by many to be the most auspicious month in the Buddhist lunar calendar. It is the 4th lunar month of the lunar year and this year starts on 12 May 2021 and ends on 10 June 2021. The 15th day of this lunar month, full moon, is called Saga Dawa Düchen (Düchen … Continued
  • A happy activity
    Practice really should be a very happy activity. And why? We are reducing and eliminating our negative karma and afflictive emotions. If every day you have positive kind thoughts and you have the right mindfulness and awareness, is this not something that one will have a happy mind with? GN Rinpoche
  • Butter lamp offerings at the Stupa postponed temporarily
    The butter lamp offerings have been postponed for the time being due to a lockdown being implemented in Nepal. The butter lamp offerings will continue once lockdown has been lifted. In the meantime make many aspirations for the happiness and well being of others. Every time you switch on a light, see lights, notice the … Continued
  • Travel near Pharphing
    Lama Lakshyong travelled near Pharphing, Nepal, a place well known for the Asura cave – a cave where a hand imprint of Guru Rinpoche resides in the rock.
  • The Stupa
    1540 butter lamp offerings were made on Guru Rinpoche day ( 10th day of the lunar month) 🙏 Often making positive aspirations is very beneficial. The stupa is well known place where pilgrims make vast aspirations and is reputed as a very powerful place for doing so. If anyone wishes to read about the Stupa and … Continued
  • The arising causes of the butter lamps
    14466 butter lamps have been offered to date, of which 4458 butter lamps were offered at the stupa over the last 3 days. Offering butter lamps generates arising causes to: Achieve the wisdom to discriminate virtue from non-virtue Enable one to eliminate the concept of inherent existence And receive the illumination of wisdom
  • The benefit of light offerings
    Already 10.008 butter lamps have been offered so far! We can make aspirations when we make light offerings, for instance ’ may the light of wisdom shine to all the corners of all the worlds eliminating all the darkness of ignorance’. A benefit of offering butter lamps is that in the world you become like the … Continued
  • Light offerings continue!
    The Light offerings will continue for a few more days. Today 2600 were offered at Schechen Monastery and 1648 at the Boudha Stupa. So far 9468 have been offered in total to date, which is about 60% of the total sum.
  • Light offerings update: 2223 offered today!
    Today a total of 2223 light offerings were made for the benefit of all sentient beings. Lama Lakshyong will continue to make these. If you are interested in contributing, you can find more information on the Donation page 🙏
  • Light offerings at Boudha Stupa
    Lama Lakshyong is making light offerings in Kathmandu, at the Boudha Stupa, at the request of some dharma sisters and brothers. If you wish you can also join in with a donation for it. He has done 800 light offerings so far and will continue for the next few days because so many has joined … Continued
  • Video: I am fortunate, I have precious human life
  • New chantings
    New chanting videos and audio recordings are available under the Resources section. Special thanks to Chokyi Drakpa Rinpoche and MuLan for providing these.
  • How perfect everything is
    When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky Gautama Buddha
  • The usual suspects
    A video teaching on the source of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness
  • Day of Buddha Shakyamuni’s Great Miracles
    Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Gautama Buddha
  • Ngondro Mandala on Friday 15/01
    This Friday evening will be a repeat class of Tuesdays preliminary practicesTime 19:30 (Central European Time). Again, we will be explaining the mandala practice. Note: those who are new who wish to continue with any of the other preliminary practices are welcome to join and practice with us. Anyone wishing to join please contact Lama … Continued
  • Wednesday meditation gatherings will start again January 13, 2021
    English with Mandarin translation at 13:30 and English with French translation at 19:30 (Central European Time). Anyone interested in meditation is welcome to join and practice with us. There will be a Tibetan Buddhist flavor to our approach. Anyone wishing to join please contact Lama Lakshyong or Mulan in order to attain the Zoom … Continued
  • Tuesday preliminary practice
    Notice: Tuesday night preliminary group practices will continue again on Tuesday 19:30 (Central European Time). On the first week we will start explaining the mandala practice. Note: those who wish to continue with any of the other preliminary practices are welcome to join and practice with us. Anyone wishing to join please contact Lama Lakshyong … Continued
  • Scam Alert / Imposter Alert
    From Admin: Please be informed that there is an imposter imitating as Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche asking for donation. Admin is stressing strongly here that Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche does not ask for donation as his account is managed by his student to help share his teachings. If you encounter another Facebook individual using the name of … Continued
  • Meditative Concentration
    An introduction to Bodhichitta course: Meditative concentration, one of the 6 paramitas, has been posted
  • Diligence
    An introduction into Bodhichitta course : Diligence, one of the 6 paramitas, has been posted
  • Discipline
    The introduction into discipline, one of the 6 paramitas has been posted
  • New courses added
    A few new courses have been added in the Courses section. They include a buddhist introduction course and several more advanced Ngöndro materials. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the content, please feel free to contact Lama Lakshyong at
  • The website is live!
    We are happy to announce that the website for Ah-Lama is now online. May everyone find their path to enlightenment.