Course Meditation practice expectations

We will start the contemplation meditations in the next few days.  As best as you can set aside a minimum of 20minutes each day ( 2×10 minute sessions ). Usually the best is in the morning. You can also split it into 2 sessions of 10 minutes at different times of the day. The morning is usually best as it is before your mind starts getting caught up in all your daily thoughts and activities. At night is also good as it may help your mind settle down, just be mindful that it is meditation not sleeping practice.

In the beginning it may be difficult as we are not used to meditating and it is different to our normal routine.

Keep it up and it becomes a beneficial part of your daily routine

Practical: if you are able adopt the 7 points of Vairocana in meditation as our mind and bodies channels have a connection. Don’t force and hurt yourself – gradually adopt the position over time. If it is difficult – sit normally as you naturally do – most important is that your back is straight when sitting.

Below is a simple explanation including the 7 points of Vairocana.

Introducing 7 points of Vairocana and with visual object meditation:

If there are any new participants who are unsure how to meditate- feel free to contact me individually


This chapter is part of: Introduction Course - Part 2: Bodhichitta