Boundless joy (conclusion)

Boundless Joy

Boundless joy means wishing all sentient beings experience joy, which is free from suffering. This includes sympathetic joy, which means not harbouring any jealousy towards anyone. It involves a thorough understanding of the intense suffering of samsara, the unbearable suffering experienced in each life. This is the key to giving rise to boundless joy. Otherwise, if we are reluctant to leave samsara, worldly compassion for other people will be full of the envy and jealousy of false compassion. Only with a profound understanding of how each sentient being is trapped in the cycle of samsara without power, will we never again be jealous of others’ very short-lived worldly happiness and positive merit. Then, we will truly wish that every sentient being attains ever-increasing happiness, peace, and the benefits arising from permanent liberation.

This chapter is part of: Introduction Course - Part 2: Bodhichitta