The confession of downfalls to the 35 Buddhas
Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones
The Great Cloud of Blessings-the prayer which magnetized all that appears and all that exists
Padmasambhava mantra with music
Longsal Ngondro HH Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche version 1
Longsal Ngondro HH Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche version 2
Hundred peaceful and wrathful deities mantra
Guru Yoga that brings swift realisations of HH Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche
Amiteus Long life Buddha mantra
Amitabha mantra
Light offering Lumbini (2015)
One hundred syllable mantra (Vajrasattva)
Guru Yoga Sadhana
Bodhicitta aspiration
Six-syllable mantra of chenrezig
Refuge verse
Padmasambhava mantra
Dedication prayer
Blessing Chant of His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpoche
HH Lama Achuk’s Guru Yoga (Tibetan)
Shantideva Chant in Mandarin
Gyalwai Nyugu Singing the 30 Tibetan Alphabets